Rules for the exchange hut (Tauschhütte)

  1. Anyone can bring things to the exchange hut and take them with them - Giving away instead of throwing away helps the environment and makes people happy!
  2. Please keep the exchange hut clean! Please unpack all things and sort them into the shelves - bags and sacks do not belong in the hut!
  3. Please do not bring dirty or broken items to the exchange hut - things should still be usable!
  4. Food does not belong in the exchange hut!
  5. Please bring your books to the public bookcase on Elbinger Straße in the storefront!
  6. If you have large things such as furniture, bikes, garden tools, etc. left or are looking for them, you can put an A8 sheet with text and contact information in the mailbox. Your ad will be posted on our bulletin board!
  7. Please do not take things and then resell them - the things are for personal use!
  8. Please do not put any garbage in or next to the hut - the exchange hut is a private initiative and is only run by volunteers - we are not the garbage collection!